Sunday, February 12, 2006

Brown Cell Cover

After many sunny and rainy days full of work, I got a little time to update my blog.

Since the blue cover is a bit too flashy, I choose to make a soberer one - I used brown thread, not that I particularly love brown, but because for a lot of random reasons I have quite a few brown pants.

To brighten it up a little, I thought: why don't add color using the peruvian or tapestry technique of jacquard crochet? So I graphed a simple diamond pattern and choose light beige, burgundy and dusty green as the secondary colors.

The pattern follows the general guidelines of the blue cell cover; I used dark brown Anne thread (Anne is a Brazilian thread similar to Pearl cotton nr. 3) and a 1.75 mm hook.

Beginning with 4 chains, I made 12 straight sc rows then a circular row of sc around this rectangle - 12 sc on the long side, 4 on the other side of the beginning chain, 12 on the other long side, 4 to the end - 32 sc. I didn't finished the round with a slip stitch; just marked the first stitch (I use a paper clip, any method will do, even a piece of different color thread) and kept working in continuous rounds.

So, on the second circular round I began to follow the graph. The peruvian jacquard technique consists in working the single crochets of one color over the other color thread, inserting the hook through both strands of the previous row stitches. This way you won't have "loose" threads on the wrong side of the work to mess up the keyboard of your cell phone. As in all multicolored crochet work, you finish a stitch with the thread of the next color.

When I ended working the graph, I kept making sc rounds with the brown thread. Since jacquard sc is more "tight" than dc, I felt the need to increase the number of stitches to accommodate my cell phone shape. So I increased 1 st at each "corner" of the cover, getting a total of 36 stitches this way. I kept working on them until the 28th round.

To finish the 28th round I used a slip stitch on the next st; then I chained 1, turned the work and began to make the flap.

The brown cover flap is shorter than the blue one, to avoid covering the jacquard part. See the pattern for the blue cell phone cover; in the brown one, I began to decrease at the 22nd row. I used the same brown thread to make the finishing row around the flap with the button loop.

This time I used a coconut little button: the right size, the right color, the right look.

The belt strap is the same as in the blue cell phone cover.

I sewed a little dark metal ring in each side of the cover and made a long strap (128 4-dc rows); put a "mosquetao" (what's the name of this little hook in English? See the photo) at each end and now I have a versatile cell phone cover. I can hang my phone or use it in my belt.


  • "mosquetao" = swivel hook

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:02 PM  

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