Thursday, February 16, 2006

Litle Granny Square Heart

I wanted a little pretty something to send to my partners in the Granny Square Exchange of the Brazilian list crocheterapia. Then I had this idea, which relates to grannies AND love.

I used Pearl cotton nr. 8 and a 1 mm steel hook.

Measurements: 2,2" width, 2" height

Abbr: ch (chain),. ss (slip stitch), sc (single crochet), dc (double crochet), tr (treble crochet), picot (ch 3, sc on top of previous stitch).

Ch 5, join with ss to make a ring.

1st round: Ch 3, 2 dc in the ring, *ch 2, 3 dc in the ring*, repeat from * to * twice more, ch 1, sc in the 3rd beginning ch (this pb substitutes the 2nd ch and as such must be treated.)

2nd round: Ch 3, 2 dc in the same corner loop (insert hook under the last sc of the previous row, as if it was a chain), *ch 1, [3dc, ch 2, 3 dc] in the next 2-ch loop (corner made)*, repeat from * to * twice more, ch 1, 3 dc in the last 2-ch loop, ch 1, 1 sc in the 3rd beginning chain.

3rd round: Ch 3, 2 dc in the same corner loop, *ch 1, 3 dc in next loop, ch 1, corner in the next loop* , repeat from * to * twice more, ch 1, 3 dc in next loop, ch 1, 3 dc in last loop, ch 2, slip stitch in the 3rd beginning chain.

Shape the heart. †Slip stitch on the next 2 st; ch 1, skip 3 st, in the next st (the center dc of the 3-dc group in the middle of the square side) make [1 dc, ch 1] 5 times, ch 1, skip 3 st, ss in the next st and in the next 3 st; ch 1, turn the work; tr in the ch loop, *ch 1, tr in the next st, ch 1, tr in the next ch loop*, repeat from * to * 4 times more (11 tr), ch 1, ss in the next corner loop†. Don't turn the work; repeat from †to†.

Don't turn the work to make the finishing row. Sc in each of the next 5 stitches (trebles or loops); *1 picot, skip 1 st, 3 sc*, repeat from * to * until the corner loop at the tip of the heart, picot, sc in the same loop and go back the same way, symmetrically, ending with a slip stitch in the beginning of the row. Finish off.

Pretty, huh?


  • I love your patterns. I've read your posts on Crochet Parters for yeas now.

    By Blogger Norah, at 7:47 PM  

  • Beautiful work!

    I'm going to try it as soon as I get my morning coffee. :)

    By Blogger croaganey, at 7:03 AM  

  • This is so pretty. While I looking at your site I noticed this "crocheterapia. " so I went there. The photo on the home page is sooo cute Are there instructions for these tiny snowmen? Betty

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:13 AM  

  • Answering Betty:

    I don't have clear instructions but they're not hard to make. Cover to little styrofoam balls in sc - you work a little circle, put the ball on it, make some straight rows and then "close" the crochet, making decreases until the styrofoam ball is covered.

    Then you sew two covered balls together and decorate the snowman with hat, scarf etc.

    I could see this work with my own eyes but the lady who make it know how to make it but not how to explain it...

    Hugs and thank you for your kind works.

    By Blogger BeMedina, at 6:16 PM  

  • Thank you so much for the instructions for the heart. Your work is most beautiful and I look forward to viewing more. I am new to this site and have not yet posted my freeform work. Thanks again. Nadia

    By Blogger Juliet's Tower, at 3:07 AM  

  • Thank you for the sharing your crochet heart instuctions. It would be wonderful to use as an applique on clothing, quilts, or when making greeting cards.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:32 PM  

  • I happened upon your blog today. I really like your patterns. You are quite the artist!

    By Blogger DixieRedHead, at 12:44 PM  

  • thank you for leaving a comment on my Creative journey blog - I adore the precision of your work and this heart is wonderful - a definite to do for me. Thank you

    By Blogger Artygal/Lalheg, at 6:38 AM  

  • Anyone I've shown this heart to has been thrilled; you're making quite an impression in my circle of friends!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:28 PM  

  • Hi! I an fron turkey. My name is sevin. I am 43 years old. I am happy to find you :)) I am going to make red heard and the little circle. I love them. I have an address. İf you want; look at this address. I will be happy.:)))

    Have a nice days...

    Sevin Doğan

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:39 AM  

  • OOOooooo,, I just LOVE the granny square heart!!!! It is gorgeous!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:32 AM  

  • Beatriz, I love your heart pattern and I'm going to try it ASAP. Would you have any suggestions on how to incoporate it into a square? I would love to make an afghan with squares and have hearts and flowers in the center of the square. I have the flower, all I need now is the heart.
    Thanks so much.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:24 PM  

  • I LOVE it! I just made it with some sport weight red and size 0 hook. It's GORGEOUS and your instructions were perfect and so easy to follow. Thank you, thank you for sharing this!!!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:34 AM  

  • What a lovely heart! Like a previous poster said, it would be nice on a card. I am in a card swap and if I had time, I would make this! Too late, already made my cards! Thanks for the pretty pattern!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:54 PM  

  • I love this! I combined it with a couple more patterns to create a doily. I am linking back to you,,,you can see the doily on my blog. http://www.mytangledthreads.blogspot.com/

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:25 AM  

  • This heart pattern works up so beautifully. I made some with #3 cotton and they look great. I am taking some for gifts to three friends tomorrow. Do you allow your pattern to be used for selling the hearts? If you do not, that is fine.

    By Blogger Lallee, at 10:06 AM  

  • As far as you don't sell the pattern - since I've posted it for free, it should remain free - you can make what you want with the hearts you make from it. It's your work, your time, your thread - so if you want to sell them, go for it.

    By Blogger BeMedina, at 10:41 AM  


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:31 PM  

  • Great pattern. However, I don't get why you're doing the arches in opposite directions. This makes the textures asymmetric. Is there a reason why both small arches can't be done first and then the big ones on top?

    By Blogger Schorschi, at 11:55 PM  

  • Answer to Schorschi: Yes, they can, if you cut the thread (and it I avoid like the plague) or if you do another pb or slip stitch round around the square, what is feasible if you want to do it.

    I like the square the way I make it, but improvements are always welcome!

    By Blogger BeMedina, at 2:22 AM  

  • Thanks for your answer, Beatriz.

    No need to cut the thread. I redid the pattern as follows: Once you finish the first small arch you slip stitch to the corner and from there on to the beginning of the next arch. At the end of the second arch you slip stitch to the next corner, turn your work and proceed with the big arches in the same way. (See also my little project on Ravelry).

    The effect is, that both small arches and both big arches have been made in the same direction, respectively.

    I just wasn't sure if your doing the arch pairs in opposite directions served another purpose that I wasn't aware of.

    But since it doesn't seem to, I'm surprised that you designed it that way. Sure it's a subtle difference, but one that is still quite noticable.

    And what do you mean by "pb"?

    By Blogger Schorschi, at 3:38 PM  

  • Thanks for sharing this pattern!! I just made some for Valentines Day http://ificouldsetmysoulfree.blogspot.com/2009/02/valentines.html

    and they turned out so pretty.

    Thanks again!

    By Blogger Sherry, at 10:02 AM  

  • Hi BeMedina...all the way from Down Under Australia. Thank you so much for your "Little Granny Square Heart"..it is so delicate and can't wait to try it. This is my first visit to this site searching for patterns to use in a throw...I was wondering if you have somewhere where we can see more of your work? From the comments, I realise you have touched many people with your patterns for a long time...maybe you have a website? Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you again....happy crocheting.

    By Blogger misty, at 10:32 PM  

  • Hi, I'm getting stuck on the directions in the 3rd round where it says "... ch 1, corner in the next loop" What do you mean "corner in the next loop"? Thanks for your help!

    By Anonymous Diana, at 1:38 AM  

  • The explanation is in the 2nd round:

    [3dc, ch 2, 3 dc] in the next 2-ch loop (corner made)

    By Blogger BeMedina, at 2:23 AM  

  • OGoodness!! This is sooooooooo pretty!! I truly love it! Thanks much for posting the pattern!!! Nice goft for the ladies in the school office. :-)

    By Blogger Jeana Yvonne, at 9:43 AM  

  • Great Job, Beautiful and easy, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Catherine from Dominican Republic

    By Blogger catherine, at 7:24 AM  

  • Darling heart motif! Thank you! :)
    Lee Ann

    My new blog: Crochetgottaloveit
    My website: Crochet...Gotta Love It!

    By Blogger Lee Ann, at 7:38 PM  

  • Would anyone have a similar heart pattern for a 5 inch heart?

    By Blogger Unknown, at 8:34 PM  

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